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A Drone Survey is especially useful where access is difficult or, for example,
where a fragile roof deck exists, allowing for safer means of carrying out Roof
or Building Surveys as they will negate the risks associated with working at
height. Unmanned Drones have the ability to fly close to buildings, and into
awkward positions where other means of access such as towers, cherry
pickers and scaffold may not be a viable or an economical option.

We can offer a quick and cost-effective solution to investigating an area that
needs to be inspected using our state-of-the-art drones.

All of our surveys are completed by qualified Structural Engineers which
means that no third party is required, and the information can be assessed
quickly and economically.

By using the latest technology, inspections can be accomplished in a fraction of the time normally required for such an exercise. A Drone Roofing Survey and report can highlight defects to Parapets, Gutters, Flat Roofs, Skylights, Lead Flashings, Pointing and Windows.

A Drone Building Survey is suitable for identifying and locating defects,
obtaining High Definition Evidence of known Defects, Pre-Survey inspections
for accurate tenders, and post contract inspections (for snagging purposes, for


  • Carried out using fully insured CAA licensed drone pilots to deliver
    accurate & safe surveys.
  • Powerful, state of the art DJI Drone technology for reliability and quality
  • Exceptional Camera Quality, shooting at up to 4K Ultra HD allowing for
    clear, close-up inspection.
  • Reduced Health & Safety risk from working at heights.
  • Significant cost savings as no requirement for Scaffolding and Access
  • Equipment
  • Reduced time on-site and occupier disruption
  • Expert Structural Engineering Consultants can provide detailed
    interpretive report to accompany your Survey.

Our drones are operated by chartered structural engineers who are also liscenced and fully insured drone pilots. This means that you do not need to appoint a separate engineer to interpret the findings of the survey – we are a one stop shop.